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Fashion and textiles

Level 3 Diploma and Extended

The course is full-time. Students will learn through a series of projects, seminars, tutorials, demonstrations and lectures wherein the course teaches technical skills, design analysis & creative development. Subjects include fashion design, textile design, pattern cutting, garment construction, illustration, drawing etc. 

As the course progresses each project builds on the skills gained previously. Students rapidly develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes in fashion and textiles whilst maintaining a broad range of creative ideas. All teaching staff have expertise in their fields and are practising professionals who are keen to encourage students to develop and expand their skills in fashion and textiles. 

Initially you will be enrolled on the UAL Diploma in Art & Design (Fashion & Textiles) in the first instance and you will achieve 9 units for this Award. 

The level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design is made up of 12 mandatory units and two optional units. Students must achieve one of the two units; Unit 13: Project Proposal and realisation in art & design at level 3 or Unit 14 Project Proposal and realisation in art & design at level 4. The full award is at the same educational level as A levels and will enable you to apply for Higher Education (degree courses) 

FMP - Year 1 Work

FMP - Year 2 Work

East meets West - Year 1 work

Natural Forms (Stella McCartney) Project - Year 2

Architecture - Year 1

White Shirt Project - Year 2



The course is thorough and doesn’t require any previous experience in pattern making, machine stitching, knitting and print making. I was given close technical advice in all these areas while studying the course and by the second year I felt comfortable and confident in my abilities. One thing I should point out is not only the great tutors who give you the time you need at this college/ university but also the facilities and equipment available. I went on from this course to a well known London university which didn’t have half the equipment and staff available to students (most the time sharing a machine between 3, and one lesson a week with tutors) not the case at Northbrook! Thank you to everyone at Northbrook!

— Charlie Borrow

Northbrook really opened my eyes to endless opportunities and directions you could take in the creative industry, the amount of time and effort the staff would put in I’m grateful for all the support they have given me as it has definitely allowed to be where I am today. I cannot stress enough how encouraging and amazing the tutors, technicians, staff and also facilities were around me, as I know it’s not every day you have access to all of that equipment, so this allowed me to be creative explore different avenues and learn a lot of different skills.

I can definitely say that from my experiences I have grown as a person developed skills and knowledge of various areas throughout all my opportunities so far. Having the passion and drive to push myself really stemmed from learning at Northbrook which I will treasure forever. They didn’t just teach us things we needed to know they supported our journey through good and bad and pushed us to be the best versions of ourselves in whatever career path we chose. 

— Karen Chan

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