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Music Production

Level 2 Diploma

On the Level 2 music tech course you are shown how to make music on a computer using Logic X in any style of your choice. No previous experience is required as you will be shown how to do everything from scratch.


You will also make music by recording a variety of sounds with microphones. Some of these recordings will be of the usual instruments; guitars, bass vocals etc and some of the sounds you will record will be the sounds of random objects or found sounds.


You will also work with the performance students making recordings of them and then processing these recordings to make your own tracks.


Other projects you will do include making music videos, making a radio show and learning about the music industry and how to promote your work.


Some of the work you will do solo and some you will do in small groups of 3 or 4.


Of course you will be expected to attend Maths and English lessons as part of the course.

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