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Art & Design

Saturday Club

The National Art & Design Saturday Club offers young people aged 14–16 the unique opportunity to study art and design every Saturday morning at their local college or university for free.

It takes place at Northbrook MET on Thursday afternoons from 4.30pm – 6.30pm!

The Saturday Club runs in over 50 locations across the UK, in colleges, universities and museums. As well as more than 100 hours of specialist tuition, young people also benefit from visits to museums and galleries, Master classes from leading art and design practitioners and an exhibition of their work in London’s Somerset House.

The Summer Show

The Summer Show marks the end of the year; it reinforces the nationwide scope of the Saturday Club programme and values the tremendous creative work of young people. Featuring work by every club member, last year it was visited by over 3,000 people. 


Sadly, due to the covid-19 emergency, it will not be taking place this year however a virtual exhibition will be going live in June.


Here, we offer you an insight to all that has been going on.

Hand Sculptures

Club members developed skills in plaster casting to create sculptures of their own hands.

Light Sculptures & Hidden Meaning

Inspired by the London visit and surrounding architecture and the guided critique by QArt at Tate Modern, students used simple materials - white tissue paper, PVA  and string - to design light sculptures. Hidden messages or designs on the 3D form were revealed when lit from within.

Master Class

In early March, the club had the the opportunity to visit world renowned architects Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners in London for a Masterclass led by their architectural model making team. Fourteen floors up in the Leadenhall Building club members worked to design future buildings through modeling using just simple materials. Following design prompts from the team collaborations led to a range of innovative structures to communicate how ideas would work.  A critique of design work celebrated all that had been achieved.

The practice retains models of all the building they have designed and the exhibition revealed a range of iconic architecture including Lloyds of London Building, Centre Pompidou, The Millennium Dome, Terminal 5 and The O2, to name a few. Architectural Model Making can be both a degree or apprenticeship led career.

Self Portraits

Textile Fish & Worthing Conservation Reef

In collaboration with Creative Waves students used recycled fabrics and materials to replicate 2D images of the flora and fauna found on the reef. Little known, the reef is nationally significant and many rare species exist there. Designs were assembled, photographed and then the pieces reused and recycled to create other images. 

The photographed images are being incorporated into a larger collage to be exhibited on Worthing Pier (Pier of the Year 2019) later this year.