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Level 3 Diploma

The first year of the music performance level 3 course provides a strong foundation for all performers and songwriters. As we went into lockdown, students had already started to make big decisions about the future - about the kinds of musicians they were becoming. By forming groups they were able to work collaboratively to pool resources in the creation of exciting new work. 


From experiments in alternate guitar tunings (Jake) to the line between noise and sound being tested and crossed (OUSE); from vocalists toying with sweetness and grit through their songwriting process (Magda, Daisy, Miri, Eliot & Leon), guitarists testing out their tone through modulating chord progressions with retro mellotron accompaniment (Finley) and the beginnings of a drum covers Youtube channel (Alfie).


From a band that shows they’ve got all the potential to establish themselves in the Anglo-American Christian worship music scene (Toby, Elijah, Rose & Hannah); to an unapologetically ‘muso’ guitar-master who releases his debut EP - or rather a ‘virtual concept project’ - which includes a 20 minute youtube concert (Junhee). 


Finally, be sure to check out Alicia’s project on ‘Throne of Glass’ - a musical interpretation of a Sarah J Maas novel. This is a fantastically ambitious project that imagines, interprets and creates the book’s soundworld - collaborating with an online community fans as part of the process.


A feat of adaptability, resilience and creativity in truly extra-ordinary times. We are incredibly proud of these students and their work.

Student Work: Blogs & Music Playlists

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