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Music Performance

Level 2 Diploma

The main aim of level 2 performance is to improve your skills at being a performer in a band.


You will play 4 gigs in the year, the first one is in private at the college. The second is also at the college but we invite friends and family. The third gig in previous years has been at Bar 42 in Worthing town centre. The fourth is the biggest gig and is held at the theatre here at GBMET.


In rehearsals you will learn how to play cover songs of your favourite artists, we don’t choose the songs for you, you choose them. You are also encouraged to write and perform your own songs, we will help you with this.


There is studio time for you to make demos of the songs you are performing.


The research you will do will be about the songs you are performing and how to improve and also about techniques on your instrument.


You will be expected to film yourself practicing and then evaluate your progress.


There are also industry lessons where you learn about the different roles in the music industry and how to promote yourselves.


Of course you will be expected to attend Maths and English lessons as part of the course.

Performance Videos

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