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Level 3 Extended Diploma

This course develops your skills in a broad range of acting styles and techniques including physical theatre, improvisation, devising and script work. Actors work collaboratively to create and stage performances, learning through practical workshops, industry-relevant seminars and coursework. Public performances in our main house theatre and other spaces within and outside the College will prepare you for a successful career or for further training in higher education. 



A show inspired by Bryony Lavery’s Stockholm.

During the last few months our 2nd year Acting students have worked exceptionally hard to continue their training, albeit ‘virtually’. They have explored new ways of working practically; developing acting and voice technique through zoom meetings, maintained fitness and Physical Theatre technique via live streaming and learnt a wealth of new digital technology to create performance. They have even run directed sessions for each other from their living rooms! Their imagination and creativity has been phenomenal. The results of this are shown here in this selection of films created, performed, edited by them, in ‘lockdown’. An unprecedented process for an unprecedented time but one in which I am personally, incredibly proud of them for their perseverance, dedication and commitment to their practice. They are an inspiration. Well done 2nd year Actors of 2020. We hope you enjoy. 

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Due to copyright restrictions, this piece can only be viewed by MET students, staff & family

Please email for the viewing password

This piece contains very strong language


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Jamie Kinsella

Having done this course, I have gained the key and primary skills that are necessary for me as a performer to progress further within my acting career. I will be doing an BA Honours Degree in Acting at the University of West London 

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George Booker-Bayley

In this course I have learnt so much, and not just all the brilliant and amazing styles and techniques of acting to bring me further in my career. I’ve learnt to meet new people, interact in a group better as both a leader and follower and that no idea is too big and no opinion is too small. It’s a great course with great people, staff and students alike and I don’t regret one bit of it at all.

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Erin Killian

Next year I want to become a freelance makeup artist alongside looking into acting jobs. I will also become a teaching assistant at the Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing arts. Over my two years on the course I have learned a range of different skills and techniques that I will be able to use in future acting jobs. The staff are always willing to help when I need it and it’s a very good working environment for young performers. 

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Olivia Murray

I have really enjoyed my time at Northbrook. I have learnt many new skills and have met some fantastic people. It really prepares you for what to expect when working in a professional workspace. 

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Cormac Doyle

This course has given me a new found appreciation for those who work hard. This course has taught me respect. Nest year I am going to UEA to read Philosophy.

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Amy Glenister

Amy has massively enjoyed her time at Northbrook and has had the most incredible experiences on both the Musical Theatre and Acting courses. Next year, she will take a third year at Worthing College to study Law and Psychology before applying to drama schools.

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Daniela Rodrigues

I will be progressing onto the L4 Performance Course at Northbrook, where I will finish my year at the MET taking all my skills learnt there to continue my journey elsewhere. Having met a new bunch of creative colleagues, I have learnt in an enjoyable friendly environment, it has been an all round lovely experience with life lessons learnt. 

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Kamil Blasiak

Words can't describe how I feel about Northbrook and the staff because it's been truly amazing. The last 4 years have been an incredible journey for me and I will miss being in our great theatre along with the phenomenal tutors, who support you to the very end and for that I will be forever grateful. As my journey comes to an end I will be taking a gap year and I will be returning to education in 2021 to continue my actor training.

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Nina Burke

My experience at Northbrook has been the most enjoyable time of my life. The teachers are inspiring and extremely knowledgeable. My classmates have become some of my best mates. I used to dislike going to school, but I look forward to going to college. Every day is different and exciting. Everyone at the college is full of passion and enthusiasm and it’s exciting to be in the environment of such talented individuals. I will really miss Northbrook, but I am so grateful for the wisdom that has been passed on to me through my journey there.

I will be joining AADA (the American Academy of Dramatic Arts) in their Los Angeles campus to work towards my degree.

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James Blake

As a Deaf actor working alongside my hearing peers it has been such a rewarding experience. Collaborating and communicating as a group to produce performances such as Mother Courage, Romeo and Juliet and Stockholm have all helped me gain such confidence to expand my acting skills and try new techniques. Mother Courage was definitely a highlight for me. Researching various practitioners opened my mind to different ways of expressing myself in acting. 

Having the opportunity to explore sign language and Visual Vernacular as part of each of our performances has been exciting and inspiring.  t's been great to have the opportunity to  share some skills in VV with my fellow actors. They all responded so well and it brought us all closer together as a group. I have really appreciated my Tutors, Polly and Sarah's support, care and always inclusive attitude. They are fantastic, so positive and enthusiastic, offering feedback, advice, suggestions to help me move forward in my career. I have always felt part of a special team. 


Katie Chatfield

Over my two years at Northbrook, I have experienced and gained many skills I didn’t know I could have. I also have made many memories that I will take with me in the next steps I take in life. One of my favourite ways of learning on this course would be being able to take part in the workshops as well as having the opportunity to host my own workshop for the class. This allowed us to have fun while physically learning about the subject which made it easier to remember in the long run and adding it to your own performance. The tutors are always available for help or advice on the course or anything you’re struggling with. For example, need feedback on any auditions you are going for whether that is for universities or work outside of college. Next year, I will be going to the level 4 Performing arts course at Northbrook for a year. I’m a part of online agencies like ‘starnow’ and ‘backstage' which I will be doing outside of college.

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Jess Fleet

My plans for next year are to continue my journey at Northbrook college and complete the level 4 course, this will help me further my knowledge and experience to be able to re-audition for drama schools next year, I believe that is my best option to use my time wisely. I have learned and gained so much from this course, it has made me have so much more confidence in myself and my choices, I have made some amazing friends and had some amazing teachers who have been so inspirational and taught me loads. I now have the strength to be able to achieve what I want and not give up just because it gets hard. Being a part of this course has taught me to not be afraid to look stupid, I will never forget all the memories that have been made here and I am glad to be making more. 


Sofia Mattioudakis

I loved the 2nd year of the course as it gave me new opportunities and many wicked friends. I hope to jump into the industry after college ends, as I continue to love entertaining.


Jordan Flynn

I have enjoyed my three years at Northbrook MET, where I have learnt a wide variety of things not just with acting but within myself as well and the community at Northbrook has helped me to achieve this. I will be stepping away from acting to look into being a director as I believe that I would be more skilled in that area of the industry and more confident especially as I have had the opportunity to direct within the course. Next year I will be writing and directing various short films. Some will of course be very low budgeted but it will help me to learn and develop my craft.

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