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Level 3 Diploma & Extended

BA Degree

Dance at Northbrook MET aims to provide an educational environment for students to learn, develop and gain experience in a wide range of theatre skills. These highly practical courses allow you to develop your dance technique through a variety of genres in our outstanding facilities. Performance is an integral part of your skills development and you will be provided with opportunities to gain valuable and varied experience. There is a strong focus on developing communication skills and understanding of dance development. Collaboration is a fundamental part of all courses and you will work with various other pathways to develop material producing innovative, exciting work. Continual discussions and course evaluations aim to ensure that the course recognises and allows some flexibility in the syllabus to cater for each group's particular strengths, needs and interests. We aim to nurture a safe and supportive environment and create a professional way of working and studying. The progression of dance from Level 3, through to Level 6 is designed to provide you with multiple skill bases in which to enter the industry or progress to further study.

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Level 3 Diploma: Collaborative Performance Project

During this project, students were required to work collaboratively to create a piece of work based upon this theme; ‘This is Now’. They needed to decide collectively upon the direction they would like to take the project, how to assign roles and contribute to the devising process, and how they intended to present their work online. The aim was to explore and challenge their technical, performance and creative skills. All students would have personal aims and objectives, alongside their collective vision for their final performance piece.


Level 3 Extended: Final Major Project

Our second year students engaged in a personal project relating to a specific aspect of their training. They were required to take responsibility for their learning and use appropriate research to assist project progression. They could choose to work independently or collaboratively to explore their ideas and negotiate means of presenting their work. Students were able to evaluate the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired throughout the course and apply this to their final projects.


Foundation Degree: Specialist Discipline Skills

As a culmination of all skills and knowledge developed during their first year of the degree, students chose a specific area of interest to focus on during lockdown. They were required to identify sources to inform the development of their project to assist their artistic and creative development of specialist skills. Students were expected to investigate various practitioners and explore their chosen topic, then test the application of techniques to create a final product. All projects were negotiated to ensure each student could present their work in a format best suited to them and the resources available.