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Digital Arts

Level 2 Diploma 

The Level 2 Digital Arts Diploma offers you the opportunity to develop an in-depth knowledge in areas including Photography, Moving Image, Advertising Design, Image Manipulation, Animation, Computer 3D Design & Special Effects.

Studying on this programme will not only equip you with an understanding of some of the most exciting technologies of the 21st century; it will also enable you to develop skills such as planning and organisation, leadership, and effective communication.

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‘Although the work was sometimes difficult, it was valuable and I learnt a lot from it.’ 

Joey (student)

‘I found the teaching staff very knowledgeable and supportive.’  

Shabaz (student)

‘It is an excellent example of an artistic and creative course and I think it would do well for those who wish to learn more about Digital Arts.’

Lexi (student)


‘The staff here are very knowledgeable and can have a great laugh.’

Sean (student)

‘The Level 2 Digital Art Diploma, covered by Met College, has been a rewarding experience due to the dedicated team of staff that are there to support throughout the whole duration of the course.’

Jacob (Student)

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