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Festival & Event Management

Level 3 Diploma

Welcome to Level 3 Diploma in Events Management

Festivals and events come in all different shapes and sizes and can be found in venues from theatres and stadiums, to fields and beaches. This exciting course will help you to plan, promote  and produce events in the theatre, art and music sectors. You'll work alongside our venue coordinators to learn through real world scenarios to promote, manage and curate exciting projects and to develop industry networks.

Our industry-experienced teachers will develop your management skills through projects, research and practical experience, at venues in the are and our own professionally equipped theatre. 

Course Structure

Throughout the course, students develop an online portfolio of work. The portfolio is split into 3 projects.

Each project includes a number of tasks focusing on different aspects of the industry.

Project 1: Event Management 

Project 2: Arts Development

Project 3: Final Major Project.

All projects involve a mixture of practical work, case studies and collaboration. Student's keep reflective diaries documenting their project development. 

Step by Step

Students learn how to plan and organise events and arts activities. The first project is based around organising an event.

In the second project, students develop and pitch their own ideas. Work includes; discussing initial concepts, booking venues, marketing and promotion, audio and video editing, and running the event itself.

Over the year, students engage in a wide range of activities and are encouraged to explore their own creativity.


Plan an Activity:


Build Props for Events:


Create Promotional Material:


Run Events:

Student Websites & Final Major Project

In normal years students develop activities for the end of year MET Fest, held in the college grounds, as well events at venues outside of the college.

This year students discussed an exciting variety of ideas for their Final Major Projects, including: Interactive music events, an Escape Room, A VE Day dance, fundraising  events for local MS charities, record labels, club nights and more.

Students were also using their skills and connecting with local organisations to gain valuable experience with groups such as Worthing Pride. In previous years students have had work experience during summer festival season with local arts organisations such as Same Sky


Students were in the early stages of planning when the Covid 19 outbreak began and working conditions changed. 

We hope you can enjoy this online experience, featuring examples of work made before & during lockdown.

Student Websites:

From the start of the year, students learn to build their own websites. As well as being a useful industry skill, it's a great way for students to showcase their work and tell the World something about themselves. In the Events industry, a website is also often a portal to finding employment.