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Art & Design

Level 1 + 2 Diploma 

The Level 1 and 2 Diploma in Art & Design provides students with an introduction to art and design, enabling them to both re-engage with education and acquire the requisite knowledge, skills and understanding to progress to further education or employment in the creative industries.


The Level 1 Art, Design and Media includes 7 units and the Level 2 Art and Design includes 8 units - they have been developed to provide an opportunity to explore the materials, methods and processes that support art and design activities, and to begin to develop some related technical skills for students that have an interest in art and design.


The programme is delivered through practical studio based activity together with research into contemporary and historical design practice. There is a focus on the development of analytical drawing skills and transferable skill acquisition.

Student Work - Final Major Project

For our Final Major Project the students have developed and produced a personal project in Art and Design under the theme of “Our Planet”. They have identified their subject matter within this theme through spider diagrams, researching and generating several possibilities and ideas, experimented with materials and methods through workshops and created a test piece in order to create their final piece. 

The students have tackled this project in 4 stages by following the Design Cycle - Investigate, Plan, Create and Evaluate. 

Despite the difficult circumstances with COVID19, the learners were able to adjust their plans to continue working at home with limited equipment. Well done.

Metamorphosis Project

Alfie Dunnell

The design I made for this FMP was these anatomy drawings e.g a hand, an apple, a lip, a nose, an eye, an ear and a foot in high and low showing spotlights and emotive tones. I also want. 


The meaning for my work was for people to look at my work from a distance and see this human/ complex face but when the viewers would go closer they would see surreal features on all of the drawing and high shadows.


The way my works relate to the theme of "our planet" was anatomy, I wanted anatomy to link to surrealism as well because surrealism is also in my theme/ project and I wanted these mysterious drawings to look/ feel like a dramatic sense is happening or going on and I wanted the drawings to also feel like a surrealism movement.


 The research I did for this FMP project was a load of Surrealism artist such as Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali and Leonardo Da Vinci. I also look I at different articles that had inspiring words/speeches.

Alice Palmer

I have made a sculpture display and a backdrop painting for my final piece. The meaning of my artwork is to show us humans how we are affecting the environment with plastics that we are dumping into our oceans and how this is affecting our sea creatures. My work relates to the theme “Our Planet” because my subject matter is a global issue and affecting our planet in many ways. I have researched the artists are Ma Li, Aurora Robson, Angela Haseltine Pozzir, Alexis Rockman, Fred Tomaselli and Stephen Bird. I have also researched some articles from Pewtrusts, Worldwildlife and National Geographic.

Alicia Walker

I made a painting of the ocean's pollution. The meaning behind this is that our land and sea look somewhat clean but underneath all that our fish and coral reefs are being ruined due to climate change and our rubbish being dumped into the sea. 


In order to show this I painted a clean island and a nice ocean surface to show underneath there are dead fish and dying corrals with rubbish here and there. 


My work related to the theme ‘our planet’  by me showing a little awareness of the damage done to our ocean by pollution. I did a few artist researches but the one that mainly gave me inspiration was Alexis Rockman because his work showed a variety of polluted oceans and lakes and even the land he painted fish and objects in a strange setting but the message was clear to see with his work so I decided to try something similar with my own art.

Brandon Boughton

I made a sculpture out of plastic bottles of a turtle which I made 4.


The meaning of my artwork is to show that turtles are endangered by plastic like plastic bottles in the sea and that due to being endangered they want humans to know so the 4 turtles I have made in different sizes represents a family with a Dad, a Mum, a Son and a Daughter and the Dad turtle is going onto a adventure onto our planet to teach the humans about the dangers they face in their lives to protect himself and his family from danger.


My work relates to the theme “Our Planet” because I made my piece a turtle which is an animal on our planet and I also made a message as well to relate to the dangers turtles face with plastic which is a problem on our planet. 

My research is on a artist who uses plastic bottles to create sculptures of animals called Veronika Richterová as well as on articles on turtles such as;