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Music Production

Level 3 Extended Diploma

This is the second year of the music tech course, and gets you ready for moving on to Higher Education. The year starts with a reflection on your skills and where you want to take them, then you create your own final project brief. You can focus on producing an EP of your own music, record and mix other bands, create a showreel of film music - the choice is yours.

Eddie Barton

My name is Eddie Barton, I am 18 years old and I am a musician from Brighton. I play guitar drums and bass for my musical projects. I have been playing music from a young age and have been writing my own tunes for a few years now. My goals are to become a professional musician that writes, records and performs music. My style of music is heavy metal and rock and roll but I play all sorts of genres. I hope you enjoy my music.

Liam Wadey

Liam is a professional live sound engineer who can supply and record a releasable live or studio recording depending on what type of track you would like released. Liasm takes pride in his work and ensures it is produced to a high standard. 

Liam’s email address is -

Instagram - liam_music123 

Joe Parott

I am a live sound and event management student. I am in an indie duo called SONS and this is a track that we wrote and I produced.

Ben Rooney

Common Ground is an electronic music artist who enjoys experimenting into many different genres of music while implementing sounds he creates on virtual synthesizers. The genres he produces in span across all tempos from Drum & Bass, Dubstep & in the track featured Lofi-House. He first downloaded FL Studio in 2015 but only in the past couple years at Northbrook began embracing new skills and developing himself as a dance track artist.

Nova Lee

Purpletape, led by front runner Nova Lee, explores a creative indie sound. Swinging frantically between haunting acoustic melancholy and outright rage and hyper-distortion, Nova's production finds its roots of inspiration in Sparklehorse, Grandaddy and Radiohead. While recording solo demos, Nova met Christian Le Surf who performed drums on these recordings. The pair later went on to collaborate on an instrumental piece, which became the title track of Doves Doves Doves: the debut EP for Purpletape and Nova's first collaborative project. Expect the extreme, the subtle and everything in between.

Karolis Baziliauskas

I was born in Vilnius (Lithuania), moved to Brussels (Belgium) in 2004 with my parents where I went and finished European School. Meanwhile, in 2011 my father with my bigger brothers brought us to Metallica concert in France and from that day I showed my interest in music. I signed up to a music school to play guitar. After few years as I was more into music and with recommendations from my brother to listen to Skrillex, from that day my life changed completely! I was drawn more and more into electronic music. So, in 2013 I bought Ableton and started to learn on my own how to use and compose music.


By learning and composing music I finally managed to understand what kind of music I really like and what I would like to do (create) in the future. Therefore, most of my composed tracks are generally dubstep, as the one which I shared now with you. This is more deep heavy dubstep which consists of more bass sounds unlike the counterpart which is more sub bass oriented. I hope you will enjoy my creation.

Harry Eyres

I am a recording engineer and producer of other people's music, in which I have been studying for about 4-5 years in music technology. This track is called Karma by Chequered Red, I have been recording this band for the past few months hoping to release 3 new tracks on major platforms like iTunes and Spotify. If you would like to collaborate with me on any recording or production then feel free to message me on or even on my Instagram which is Hazza_music123

Alfie Morris

Kin:etic is a young producer from Brighton making waves on the drum and bass scene. He mixes soulful vocal samples and dark ambiences to create atmospherics reminiscent of early Burial.

Joe Still

DJ Joe Stillz

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