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Music Production, Business & Performance

BA Degree & Foundation Degree

The Music Degrees at Northbrook MET are about building skills, connection and inspiration.

We run BA Degrees in Music Production, Performance and Business, and graduates from Northbrook MET have built careers in every part of the Music Industry and beyond into Film, Advertising, Law and more. The BA Degrees give students a unique three year opportunity to build, experiment, connect, produce, compose, perform, and broadcast as they learn. 

Extensive time in our unparalleled suite of studios is supported by plenty of one to one time with a range of tutors with experience across all areas of the Music Industry, weekly visits from Industry guests, opportunities to collaborate across genres and other creative disciplines, and connections with employers and and the key organisations that music makers need. 

Lockdown has temporarily taken us out of our great studios, but the music making and learning has continued; here’s just a taste of this year’s excellent crop across many genres. 

We love to collaborate at Northbrook MET, and Jack Sound, the "official" magazine of the Northbrook Music Scene, is the result of our last collab before the Lockdown; between the Graphic Design and Music degree courses. Click on the magazine image to read short features about the artists, reviews of current and past students at Northbrook MET, then follow the links and search for the impressive new music they discuss.

Ashley Kaffifar


Persian Orange (Unreleased): A G-Funk inspired analogue synth based Hip Hop instrumental.

Astro Mensae: "The year is now 2050. The last man made virus has now plagued Mother Earth for the final time. Every last creature on this once beautiful planet is now fighting for survival amongst an evil race of Aliens from planet Astro Mensae"  


Ellis Wilson (MAUSE)


MAUSE is the artist name of BA Music Production student Ellis Wilson

MAUSE - Dolphin Funk


Dyl Cosmo


Dylan Simpson is a y1 student on the MET Music Production Degree, plays drums and bass, and now sings on his first self produced track:

Dyl Cosmo - Mango




noRm is the artist name of Y1 Music Production student Norman Murchie, DJ and now producer:

noRm - GooEy (Original Mix)


Ben Jammin


Ben Jammin is Benjamin Judd, Hip Hop creator, performer and producer. This track “High” is from a 17 track album that will see the light over the next year.

Ben Jammin - High


Dave Bryce


Dave’s new album is called Booksmart, which is the name of one of his tracks here. He plays a jazzy, soulful piano as the focus of his album, now on Spotify, Apple Music etc 

Dave Bryce - Booksmart

Dave Bryce - Crash of Worlds


Vulpes x Akua


Akua is year 2 Music Production Degree student Jonah Beckford, and this collaboration is a slice of his Amen-soaked Jungle. It’s available for free download.

Taz Moyo


Year 2 Music Performance degree student Taz Moyo

Kiana Sesani


Kiana is a year 2 Music Business Degree student. Urban Moves is her project: a series of nights, and now a compilation album available on Bandcamp.

Urban Moves is a record label that creates music compilation albums that include Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Soul and Jazz music.This label also puts on live music gigs called Urban Moves in Brighton, England.

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