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Games Development

Level 1 + 2 Diploma

Welcome to the level 1 and level 2 games development page, if you are here you no doubt have an interest in the making of video games. This is an exciting time to be investing yourself into learning industry skills to enable you to pursue a career within the world of game development.

At level 1 we introduce you to the basic concepts that are involved in making games. We have a mix of theory and practical tasks that will enable you to show your skills off by making basic games right from day one, the projects are designed to give you the confidence to progress to the level 2.

At level 2 we do not presume that you have any prior knowledge of game design and like the Level 1 you are introduced to the processes and methods of game design and production using industry tools and Software, you will be able to create games that you design and let your friends play them. The skills that you gain will give you an advantage when progressing to level 3 where you can gain even more skills preparing you for your future within the gaming industry.

Displayed on this page is a sample show reel and images of learners from both the level 1 and level 2. This is all original student work and shows great accomplishment by dedicated students that are focused on achieving their goals.

Both the Level 1 and Level 2 have been uniquely designed to enable you to also gain your GCSE English and Math alongside the games course, this is in line with the government directive and will help towards gaining a place on a higher education course, should you choose to continue after the level 3 course.

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Course Showreel

Student Testimonials

Connor Doling

“The Games Development team at Northbrook MET have made the course so engaging and informative, whilst keeping it fun with all the new softwares and activities we’ve been provided with. I’ve learnt so much throughout this first year, ranging from how big gaming industries work in the modern day, to personal use of how to make concept art, 3D models, and programming for gaming softwares. Whilst it was quite a lot to take in, especially having no knowledge about these things originally, the team are always there to help with any problems and guide you through things carefully and to your understanding. With some independence and consistency, you can turn any of these paths into a career for you.”


Christian Avery

“During my time at Northbrook MET’s game development course, I have been capable of showcasing my skills as a 3D modeller, 2D spriter and programmer, covering all three of the main areas we focused on. However, what I have been able to take away from my experience is learning how to work as a team and lead said team efficiently. At first, it was a challenging ride, but it shaped me into the 3D artist and programmer I am today, by expanding my already existing knowledge tenfold. No matter what, the team at the Games Development course will support you through and through. Keep your head up and smile, because you can achieve your goals with those two simple things.”


Morgan Woods

“Northbrook MET’s Games Development team have provided me with the tools and knowledge to start my game career. Over the last couple of years on level one and level two, I’ve been taught how to produce concept art, 3D models, and program by using the industry’s software and techniques. The course has provided me as a student to discover and develop on what kind of game artist I’d like to be but also it has allowed me to make my own choices and decisions towards certain problems to create amazing outcomes. However as a person, the course has given me confidence and strengths to talk and be involved with others.”



Connor Moore

“Northbrook met Games development course  has helped me to get the knowledge and the tools that I need to help grow my interest in games creation. Over the last year I've had fun learning the software and the different parts of games development. The course has a wide range of things to do with the games industry. The two that interested me the most was programming and 3D modeling. Although I’ve liked the programming side  of games development, it gave me opportunities to try something new. But I decided to focus on 3d modeling.”


Edward Cobley

“Northbrook MET’s games development team has helped me start my game art and designing career by providing tools to help me get familiar with the world of game art and game design. Over a year I have been taught various things such as 3D art, 2D art as well as how to make basic games on a website called construct which I was informed about by the college. During my time attending this course a national pandemic broke out potentially leaving a lot of uncertainty around achieving my course, however due to the continued support virtually from my tutors and being able to time manage this has still been achievable. If you have a desire to work in the games development industry this course provides you with the tools and knowledge to headstart your career.”


Bryan Muir-hardinge

 "Before joining this course I had no prior knowledge of anything related to game development. I didn't know how to code, I've never used photoshop, and knew nothing about 3D. Because of this I struggled and had to ask a lot of questions. Fortunately our teacher was patient, answered all my questions, and assisted anyone who needed it. This is not an easy course but if you are determined enough and willing to put in the work.This course will teach you all the necessary skills you will need if you wish to thrive in this industry."

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